Nice….good to have my daughter home from college visiting from east coast and spending time with our entire family, on my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

Strange… once they leave home, sure you miss them, but more importantly, it’s great to see her so happy and thriving in her new life.

Still…I can’t help but worry about her, what’s she’s doing, is she safe, is she going out too much, how much studying is she really doing, is she budgeting and managing money well.

Although…being a mother, I spend a lot of energy on my kids, maybe sometimes too much. ┬áBut also being a woman, I also realize the importance of focusing on myself and finding my own bright side.

Simply put….my goals and plans and innate ambition keeps me going and I am always excited and optimistic about my future, in my world.

Mostly… I give thanks for all the blessings of family, health and this wonderful experience of LIFE!