Teaching Teen to Drive…Scary business

Since there’s no shortage of inspiration and material for me to write my YA novels while raising my teenage kids, still going through all these milestones can be scary business. Good for my fiction young adult writings, but high anxiety just the same. Like most, I value my life and my child’s life.  But sitting in the passenger’s seat and turning the wheel over to someone who’s never been behind a steering wheel and allowing them to drive on the streets with more experienced drivers, daredevils, impatient people, other bright eyed and wild teens, and lots and lots of traffic, can be terrifying.  On top of that, you have a teenager with high emotions and is just developing their judgement, someone who is not always making the most mature decisions, and someone who thinks they know everything.  This could be a recipe for  disaster. However, I simply had to put on my strong confident game face, turn into a steady calm teacher (even though inside I was screaming scared) plow though this challenge, and luckily we survived the road test experience.

Now comes the high anxiety of handing over the car keyes…