I just finished my first YA novel, “New To The Mix” (C) Copyright 2016, and what a relief and a sense of accomplishment whenever I complete a novel.  It took a lot of serious downtime and focus, which is not so easy when I still have to run a household and take care of my kids, but somehow I managed.

“New To The Mix” (C) Copyright 2016 is about a spoiled rich teenage girl who is forced to attend public school, instead of her privileged private school, so she can get a dose of reality.  While my YA novel is meant to be funny, still it reveals how important it is to be tolerate of all people and paying it forward.

Since I am a first time writer, I am seeking a publisher for all my writings, including my YA fiction book, “New To The Mix” (C) Copyright 2016, my completed memoir, “Mixed Blessings” (C) Copyright 2016, and I am currently working on my second YA novel.