Another Count Your Blessings Moment


It’s all about Family, sharing food together, unconditional love, belonging and blessings.  Since it goes by way too fast… stop, ponder, enjoy your youth, and relish the moments. They don’t last forever.  In the end,  it’s not all about how many breaths you took, but those moments that took your breath away!


In The Grand Scheme of Things…



When you think about all the extreme work, and deep thoughts, and grave efforts one musters up daily to accomplish one’s dreams, successes, and goals… but in the end, is it really just all up to luck?

If one perseveres, stays focused and give it the ole college try, does it really make a difference?

Is each person destine to be what they are destine to be simply by the family you were born into?

Is the tremendous climb and our eventual demise, already set in stone on day one, by the higher ultimate powers that be?

Who won the race?


Once Again…

As I look back on my previous year’s travel, I picked this storybook photo I took, because to me, this scene defines my endless quest for romance and adventure.  As an author, not only do I appreciate the written word, but also a picture perfect day that can be captured at any given spontaneous moment. There’s something special about being a stranger in a strange land.  The mystery of discovery, the excitement of seeking out the unknown, or viewing something you’ve never seen before, meeting new people, attempting to speak a different language, or simply sipping the local wines. One of the life’s greatest pleasure is to explore and learn.  Here’s hoping that 2017 will bring harmony to all of our wonderful worlds, in every country, in every way and we all will finally find a way to come together, appreciate our differences and embrace this enigamatic experience called life.  I don’t know about you, but I feel we only have limited time here on earth that goes by much too fast.  So instead of hate, or wars, or seeking to destroy those who are unlike you, turn that negative energy into positive efforts to accommodate new ways of life, include and befriend new people of all cultures, and maybe, just maybe you might even learn something new.  Accept it.  Prove that we can live happy and content and learn to love one another unconditionally.  Me, I’m going to keep on putting my best effort forward to define and live by my theory.  And you, what are you going to do? I know, why not join me and find that awesomeness, that unlimited joy that life has to offer, that’s just sitting there suspened in time, just waiting for you, and me to grasp it and LIVE… once again!



Nice….good to have my daughter home from college visiting from east coast and spending time with our entire family, on my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

Strange… once they leave home, sure you miss them, but more importantly, it’s great to see her so happy and thriving in her new life.

Still…I can’t help but worry about her, what’s she’s doing, is she safe, is she going out too much, how much studying is she really doing, is she budgeting and managing money well.

Although…being a mother, I spend a lot of energy on my kids, maybe sometimes too much.  But also being a woman, I also realize the importance of focusing on myself and finding my own bright side.

Simply put….my goals and plans and innate ambition keeps me going and I am always excited and optimistic about my future, in my world.

Mostly… I give thanks for all the blessings of family, health and this wonderful experience of LIFE!


Teaching Teen to Drive…Scary business

Since there’s no shortage of inspiration and material for me to write my YA novels while raising my teenage kids, still going through all these milestones can be scary business. Good for my fiction young adult writings, but high anxiety just the same. Like most, I value my life and my child’s life.  But sitting in the passenger’s seat and turning the wheel over to someone who’s never been behind a steering wheel and allowing them to drive on the streets with more experienced drivers, daredevils, impatient people, other bright eyed and wild teens, and lots and lots of traffic, can be terrifying.  On top of that, you have a teenager with high emotions and is just developing their judgement, someone who is not always making the most mature decisions, and someone who thinks they know everything.  This could be a recipe for  disaster. However, I simply had to put on my strong confident game face, turn into a steady calm teacher (even though inside I was screaming scared) plow though this challenge, and luckily we survived the road test experience.

Now comes the high anxiety of handing over the car keyes…


I just finished my first YA novel, “New To The Mix” (C) Copyright 2016, and what a relief and a sense of accomplishment whenever I complete a novel.  It took a lot of serious downtime and focus, which is not so easy when I still have to run a household and take care of my kids, but somehow I managed.

“New To The Mix” (C) Copyright 2016 is about a spoiled rich teenage girl who is forced to attend public school, instead of her privileged private school, so she can get a dose of reality.  While my YA novel is meant to be funny, still it reveals how important it is to be tolerate of all people and paying it forward.

Since I am a first time writer, I am seeking a publisher for all my writings, including my YA fiction book, “New To The Mix” (C) Copyright 2016, my completed memoir, “Mixed Blessings” (C) Copyright 2016, and I am currently working on my second YA novel.